6 Stupid Things People Say “That Actually Don’t Work” For Weight Loss (1 Images)


6 Stupid Things People Say “That Actually Don’t Work” For Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Have someone ever told you that you are not doing really well in workout, despite of hours of gyming as one of the reason of not loosing weight. I can imagine what have been your reaction at that time.

It was one example to tell you that we come across several idiots who pass on such comments despite of hours and days and months of hard work. Isn’t that crazy… Ohh ya of-course it is.

Weight loss isn’t a linear process. Everyday there are variations in your body weight. You can find out that some days weight scale goes down, other days where it goes up. This doesn’t mean that the diet isn’t working or you are working less.

Sometimes people lose a weight in the first week of low carbing, but it is mostly water weight. Generally, in initial months weight loss is quite slow and it speeds up after a month or so.
To make sure that you are loosing just take pictures on regular intervals. Make a check at your clothes fitting. If you’re looking thinner and your clothes are looser, then you of course you are losing weight, not in scale but in inches.

So, bottom line is weight loss is a slow and speedy process.

But you know just you know that because you are working day and night to loose weight. What about those IDIOTS you give stupid reasons of not loosing weight. What you call it, is it their careless attitude, or they just have reasons of not accepting the challenge.

10 Stupid Myths & Facts Recommended For Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Lets find out some really STUPID FACTS people give for not loosing weight,

1. You’re Stressed All The Time

Who is not stressed in today’s era. Even a kid is stressed out because he/she can’t complete their homework, for that teacher will sue them the other day. So, stress is not a big hindrance in weight loss program. You just need to be dedicated to achieve a target.

2. You’re Not Sleeping Enough

Sleep is a reason that correlates with weight gain and obesity. But a normal 5 hours sleep is also enough to shed tiredness and rejuvenates energy to workout. So, at the times it silly reason for not loosing weight.

3. You’re Not Exercising Right (or at all)

After months of hard work if someone says that you not exercising in a right way, makes your blood to reach boiling point. So, better avoid such comments and stay calm to achieve your targets.

4. Go for Dieting
If someone ever told you this plan to immediately loose weight just kick that person’s advice out of your mind. It was never true, rather dieting makes you more bulky and adds on extra weight on your body.
Inspite of dieting you should break your meals and eat healthy food every 3 hours a day. This helps in loosing weight more fast.

5. You’re Cheating With Your Dietitian

Ahh !!!!…someone tel me if my dietitian is going to benefit from my weight loss. Its totally insane, if you are working hard on loosing weight than y would someone cheat on his or her dietitian. Come-on we pay to our dietitian to help us loose weight. Looking to such replies from some stupids is worth ignoring them in future.

6. You Don’t Have Realistic Expectations

After 3-4 months of immense workout when you just loose 2 kgs than you are more smart to think about anyone’s reaction. Suddenly after that when your trainer says that you are over-reacting just because you don’t have realistic expectation. REALLY!!! I don’t think so. So, this reason is not worth digesting.

If you also met with such incidences and found crazy stupid facts of not loosing weight than do share with us. We want our viewers to see that they are not the only one to get such comments. Till than stay tuned to Helpsutra for latest updates on fitness and heath.

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