This Paralyzed Dog Was Left To Die, See What Happens Next (4 Images)


Lawson, a dog who was hit by a car very badly. And, the car owner did not stopped the car even after hitting the dog. In fact, he kept driving. Or may be, the driver didn’t realize that he had hit a dog. But from somebody who has hit a few cars while driving on the road with small scratch and given the excuse that they did not feel them, that is a lie. You will always feel them, even if it is a small hit. This article will show three different videos regarding Lawson : For whatsoever reason, Lawson’s homicide has kept driving the car, leaving behind him for dead.


Lawson’s body was in dreadful condition. he was dragging his legs along the ground because he was not able to walk properly due to damaged legs. And, while dragging them, it got more cuts and scars over them. I feel so sad for this poor dog who was left there in this condition. I feel like giving a punch on driver’s face who did not even realized the pain lawson was going through and went away without even caring about him.
The story of this dog is so doleful, but things are about to get improved.


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