Why Raja Matloob With His TV Show “Ajeeb Sa” Touching Heart Of Audience (1 Images)


ajeeb sa

Seldom comes a program which is a true underdog. In dozens of channels, and a long list of programs with varying genres accompanied with bombardment of promotion to make a case, this program did something which was true to its name “Ajeebsa”.

What must be going through the mind of the creator of such brilliance to see the light of day is beyond reproach. I believe only a person with clear conscious, decent thought process, higher than average intellect and morally sound ideas can come up with such a program.

The beauty hear is how it grows on you, gets under your skin and makes your gray matter tickle to pay attention to the causes highlighted under the cover of humor.  Its growing success by the day is its own testament to what it brings to the table. The diversity of issues and not to mention guests and to keep the train of thought intact requires true mastery.

Raja Matloob

Even the bullies upstairs couldn’t resist showing discomfort to the raving success and issued a notice but this master is at it. Overall it wouldn’t be wrong to call this gentleman a true Maestro! Hats off Mr. Raja Matloob.

Really !! It is awesome show and Pakistani people will really want to get entertained like this from the “Ajeeb Sa” team in coming future also.

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