Pitbull Healthy Diet Plan, Puppy, Mature, Adult, Senior, Dog Breed Info

Pitbull Healthy Diet Plan, Puppy, Mature, Adult, Senior, Dog Breed Info

Pitbull Healthy Diet Plan, Puppy, Mature, Adult, Senior, Dog Breed Info

Everyone wants world’s best diet for their pet and want to give them best things to make him super active. If you are among such persons you have landed on the right place. Every time pet owners are always on a search to google the best diet plan for their pet in order to make your pet healthy and super active. Several pet owners love the idea of feeding whole food. They are not able to maintain a balance in giving a healthy food. This doesn’t meet you need to stick to a schedule to make food monotonous. Like i tell you, Beef neck bones should be provided once in a week to adult dogs in order to maintain dental hygiene and chewing exercise.
We are going to discuss the diet plan of Pitbull dogs so that your dog can get best feed. Here we go :

Diet Plan For American Pitbull Breed Puppy Adult Senior Dog

Diet Plan Of Puppy Pitbull Dog ( 1 to 3 months)

Diet Plan Of Puppy Pitbull Dog

  • Pup dog is a small baby till 12 weeks. He need to be taken care of very carefully. You need to take care of pup dog diet. Lets find out what exactly your puppy needs to be fit and healthy.
  • Give your puppy soft food especially milk till 6 weeks.
  • You need feed your puppy 4 times a day between 8 to 12 weeks.
  • Food given to pitbull pups include, eggs, boiled vegetables, bread, milk etc. It should not be given more than 1/2 to 1 cups per meal per day.

Diet Plan Of Mature Pitbull Dog ( 3-12 months)

Diet Plan Of Mature Pitbull Dog

After 12 weeks puppy starts gaining maturity. At this point his diet need to be controlled and frequency of food need to be reduced. This diet will ensure how active you want your dog to be.

  • Feed your pitbull dog 3 times a day.
  • You now need to add protein rich food in your dogs diet such as, lean meat, eggs, red meat bones, green vegetables, bananas etc.
  • Totally remove grain feed from your dogs diet.
    Amount of feed should be 1 to 1-1/3 cups per day.
  • Also, give chewing bones to your pitbull dogs as they acts as a snacks and also helps in establishing wide jaws of your dog.

Diet Plan Of Adult Pitbull Dog ( 1-4 years)

Diet Plan Of Adult Pitbull Dog

  • When your dog attains an age of 1 year he enters the category of adult dogs. Now he need to be fed twice a day.
  • Diet includes, lean meat, fish, meat chunks, eggs, fruits, red meat bones, etc.
  • Amount of feed should be 2- 3 cups.
  • Discontinue the snacks like chewing bones.

Diet Plan Of Senior Pitbull Dogs (4 years and above)

Diet Plan Of Senior Pitbull Dogs

  • Reduce the diet of your dog and feed him just once a day.
  • You can give him snacks in form of meat chunks, bones 3-4 times a day.
  • Food you need to include is, Chicken necks, pork heart, beef, duck, lean meat, eggs, lamb, etc. You can measure the all ingredient in a equal quantity and feed your dog 5 cups just once a day.

Just take care you the above points and we assure you your dog will stay super active and fit. By feeding the right foods and following the right directions will help you achieve best appetite for your dog. Just try to feed high quality raw diet to minimize the health problems in your dog and ensure a healthy and long life for him.
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