Meet Jessy Malone, a makeup artist who produces bizarre transformations that will give you nightmares (1 Images)


This talented make-up artist performs the nightmarish transformations on herself and they can take up to two hours, using a mix of makeup, latex, grease paints and clay. In her day job, 22-year-old professional makeup artist Jessy Malone from Dublin, Ireland focuses on creating dream makeup looks for her clients.

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She has proven beyond doubt that she can turn a pretty face into a complete monster. After all, we guess smokey eyes and ‘glowing’ skin can get a little, um, dull when you’re doing it all day, every day.

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The Irish special effects make-up artist decided to do something unconventional after training at a beauty college. ‘We touched on it in college and I found it really interesting, I knew it was definitely something I’d want to experiment with,’ she explains.

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That was how she ventured into special effects make-up and she’s rocking it. Malone taught herself the skills required for such feats by watching YouTube tutorials. ‘’Since I learnt about it I’ve just been so amazed by it and a lot of the stuff I’ve done so far I’ve managed to teach myself from watching other people’s tutorials.’’

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She hopes to pursue it as a full-time career in the future – because she loves people’s terrified reactions.I get a lot of people telling me how weird I am for wanting to create these scary looks but I love it…I think it’s really interesting and I wanted to do something different than the smokey eye and nice eyebrows look,” explained the artist.

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It takes a long time for me to make everything that I then put on my face but then it’s only about an hour to two hours.”

Jessy has created a lot of horrid faces that will leave you scared out of your wits. Her experiments which started two years ago has produced a ‘crazy old woman’ look- scary with scanty hair and half a face;  a makeover with gruesome teeth sticking out of her cheek.

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However, the talented Irish lady did not please some people as she has encountered a lot of criticisms. Overwhelmed by her passion, Jessy decided to shun what people have to say about it and go to work.

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‘Everyone does think I’m bonkers for wanting to look horrible and scary but I find it so fun and it’s such a creative thing for me to do in my spare time,’ she admits.”At first, I was about worried about being judged and hesitated to put them on my Facebook. But then I just stopped caring because it’s what I enjoy doing so I don’t care how people react to it.”

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Jessy lives with her family and said they think she is mad when she walks out of her room made up in bizarre and horrific ways – but she absolutely loves their reactions. The young woman says she spends ages thinking of funny and scary looks she can replicate.

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