Little Four Year Old Fighting Leukaemia With A Supportive Nurse Husband Of 29 years Old (3 Images)


A Beautiful beginning

The next day when Abby came down for her regular shots, she was greeted with flowers, a beautiful white gown and a warm welcome from the staff that were present to be a part of this extremely special ceremony. Matt was ready in his uber cool tuxedo shirt.


He proposed to little Abby asking “Do you take me to be your husband?” Overwhelmed with joy and excitement, she exclaimed ‘Yes’. As she walked down the aisle, the nurses hummed sweet tunes and it was a magical event to be remembered.  They exchanged candy rings and numerous adorable hugs. As part of the wedding ceremony and tradition, they fed each other cake.


It was an affair not to be forgotten by Abby, her parents, Matt and the hospital staff. Matt gifted her a wedding coach that red ‘just married’ and it was the perfect ending to a beautiful and special ceremony that Matt had planned to make little Abby’s wish come true.

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