Little Four Year Old Fighting Leukaemia With A Supportive Nurse Husband Of 29 years Old (3 Images)


When we think of miracles, it is mostly in terms of events and occasions. However for this unique case, it is a nurse from Melodies Center for Childhood Cancers, Albany, New York who has come to the rescue of 4 year old Abby. Suffering from leukaemia, she has been a regular of the hospital corridors. Fighting against pre-B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, her urge to live on is truly inspirational.


This is a specific category of leukaemia that is generally seen in children, but Abby’s courage has been a constant shield, protecting her from falling sicker. Now coming to the brighter side of the story, Matt Hickling, 29, a paediatric nurse has been tending to Abby from the time of her critical treatments. Getting constant chemo for the disease has not faltered her spirit and she continues to be her cheerful self.

A never ending bond


Abby has grown so fond of Matt that she actually decided to marry him. The love, affection and care that he has shown towards this little one have touched her heart deeply. Getting her shots from Matt and spending time with him has intensified the special bond that they share. When Abby’s mother got to know about what her little daughter wants, she approached Matt immediately with this brilliant idea.


Unlike how most people would react, Matt was completely in love with the thought and super excited. He already started making preparations for the special day and the hospital staff was generous enough to understand the situation and help him out to create this magical event.

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