Isabelle Kaplan’s Full Grown And Brown Wavy Hair As The Latest Internet Sensation (1 Images)


Currently trending as a photo sensation on social media is the 10 weeks old Isabelle Kaplan. With a pretty face and angelic smile, the daughter of Mackenzie and David Kaplan has also become popular for another reason. The newborn baby was born with full and well grown hair which is quite unlike other babies.


Though there are exceptions when small babies are thick hair after birth, then the case of Isabelle Kaplan has become quite different. It has all started few weeks back when Mackenzie has posted a beautiful picture of her baby on social media.

With full grown and shining dark brown hair similar to young kids, this infant caught the attention of viewers within a short span of time. The picture was original posted on the Instagram and Facebook account of Mackenzie Kaplan. It became quite a social rage when her cousin saw the picture of Isabelle and was surprised to see such a rare sight.


He thought she looked beautiful but her full grown hair was quite funny for a two-and-a-half-month-old baby girl. He was witty enough and commented that she looked typically like a professional news anchor on television. Even he posted the little girl’s picture on Reddit. It was only after he posted that the picture become popular and went almost viral overnight. Her pictures got so popular and highly viewed that even Isabelle Kaplan’s parents were taken a little by surprise.

Overnight Social Sensation

As she has become an overnight social sensation and also being converted into memes, her parents don’t exactly mind or seem annoyed. In fact they have taken such situations in a lighter manner and expressed to the media that they were rather proud that their daughter’s picture has become famous and caught the attention of several online viewers.


In fact, David Kaplan is of the opinion that his daughter thick and well grown hair might come from his side of family as he recalls a story told by his mother earlier.


They are more proud and happy than annoyed with such online trends in recent times. The ten week old girl has become an internet start within a short span of time. Besides her parents, the other person who is obviously responsible for such job is their cousin Colin. There have been several memes which have been posted on social media on her name.

Compared To Popular Celebrity Pictures

Be it in form of little Hairub Painting. Hairy Potter, Baby Doctor, Baby Burgundy or Elvis Presley’s dancing to the Jailhouse Rock, there have been a number of funny memes and cutes pictures that have been posted on varied social media platforms in recent years.


The little baby’s pictures are also being compared to numerous other celebrity pictures and their childhood pictures as well.


As the number of trolls and social memes is going on increasing, her parents are rather said to proud of their daughter rather than being disappointed with such trolls on the internet. They have taken such trends in a sporting manner and haven’t yet expressed their dissatisfaction.


The 10 weeks old Isabelle Kaplan’s parents are more than pleased that their daughter’s picture has managed to give a source of joy and happiness to the viewers online.

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