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How To Have Regular Menses Cycle


Healthy Diet For Having Regular Menses

Healthy Diet For Having Regular Menses

An irregular Period is a cause of concern for every women. I know if you are the one who face such a problem must be on search round the clock to find out the cause and more certainly, you will look for a remedy.

Well, I must tell you a Normal menstrual cycle range from every 21 to 35 days and, most women’s periods last four to seven days. Now, you must be getting period depending on your body type and hormonal balance. Let me explain you, your period may be short, lengthy, light, heavy, frequent, infrequent or painful depending upon the circumstances and routine of your life.

An irregular periods can be an outcome from stress, dieting, birth control pills and medical conditions, such as fibroids, polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis and, less frequently, cancer. Well, yes most frequent cause can be Overexercise and low body weight.

Ladies! Don’t panic at all, because these days its a symptom of bad lifestyle. An irregular period cab become regular if we take care of our lifestyle, which includes our diet, our sleeping habits, our exercise routine, a stress free living conditions and all necessary things which are part of your life.

Today, we will discuss on one of the above mentioned necessity of life which can provide us with healthy body and a regular menstrual cycle, that is, A Balanced Diet. You should know what all is necessary for a women to inhale in her diet so that she can have a regular period, or menstrual cycle.
Here are top foods which you can add on to your diet to regularize your menstrual cycle.

Best Diet Plan to Have Regular Menses

 Best Diet Plan to Have Regular Menses

Best Diet Plan to Have Regular Menses


Whole grains provide valuable and ample amounts of fiber, protein and B vitamins and other nutrients. It help us to improve hormonal balance and reduce symptoms of heavy menstruation. You must add to your diet some of these hearty whole grains, such as quinoa, barley, brown rice, oats and popcorn, to reduce chances of irregularity of menstrual cycle.


You must consume good amount of green vegetables in your diet. There is a scientific reason behind why we recommend green vegetables.
Let me tell you, if a food is white, it is processed to the point that has made it unhealthy for consumption. In order to make your menstrual cycle regular, you should avoid processed foods such as white flour, sugar, white potatoes, white bread, white pasta, and white rice as they effects your menstrual cycle by creating insulin surges that result in fat storage. This excess fat storage negatively affects ovulation and your periods can become irregular periods.

So, stop eating processed food rather go for fresh green vegetables to regulate your menstrual cycle.


Proteins helps a lot in Hormonal Balance. So, a proper consumption of proteins in your diet can fetch you to attain a regular menstrual cycle. Plant proteins are really good for enhancing fertility and hormonal balance. Some of the protein foods such as, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cheese, hard boiled eggs, soy chips, hummus, canned sardines, and edamame can be easily added to one’s diet to enhance fertility and hormonal balance.


You must eat vitamin D products such as, fortified milk products, tuna, egg yolks, salmon, sardines, and (yuck) cod liver oil. This vitamin improves communication between your cells, which stabilizes your hormones. Apart from that, if you plan a dieting than you can consume skim milk, which has vitamin D added to regularize your menstrual cycle.


Well, i guess chocolates are everyone’s favorite. Chocolates can be really effective if consumed in a balanced way. Chocolate contains flavenoids, which have estrogen and help improve circulation by reducing platelet clumping. Flavenoids also enhance micro-circulation in the ovaries and endocrine glands, and increase dopamine (a “feel good” hormone). Dark chocolate contains at least 70% cocoa solids.


Everyday consumption of around 8 glasses of water is essential. Water helps in removing the wastages from your body thus keeping the whole system healthy and clean.Apart from that, It puts a positive effect on your menstrual cycle.


Every women should consume fish and seasonal fruits. Fresh fruit is a good source of vitamins and fiber, that can enhance your productivity and keep hormonal balance.


You must enhance your diet with natural supplements. Supplements are a quick and easy way to boost your nutritional intake. Replenishing your body with multivitamins, calcium and magnesium supplements, like vitamin D, will help detect menopausal symptoms.

Irregular periods can be irritating, but if you plan out a few basic lifestyle changes, that to, having the proper food intake and regular exercising, you will be better prepared to cope with the aches and pains that accompany them. Adapting such a lifestyle can help you achieve a regular menstrual cycle. We have more women concerned articles which will help you also :



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