15 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Men’s Nipples (1 Images)


15 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Men’s Nipples

Men's Nipples

Have you ever thought what is a use of men’s nipple’s on their body? Did you found anything weird regarding men’s nipple’s? Well, this a one such topic that women can talk over whole night as actually they can make guess work regarding the point that why do men have nipple’s. It is one such topic that everyone realizes there, but feels too afraid to talk about it.
Today lets find out some interesting facts about the things you didn’t know about men’s nipples! For that we tries to ask random men and see what is their opinion about their nipples! :>

#1 Feels Good When A Girl Touch Our Nipples

15 Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About Men's Nipples

Yes! i guess its so true as nipples are very sensitive weather its a girl’s or men’s nipples. Most of men say that they don’t show that their nipples brings sensation to their body but actually it do. So, you can focus on this part of men’s body from know as its clearly stated that they feel good when ladies touch men’s nipple.

#2 Men Discuss About Their Nipple Size When They Are Bored Or Drunk

Men Discuss About Their Nipple Size When They Are Bored Or Drunk

Well! yes this conversation is done mostly at the times when men are drinking, as told by every alternate men. You know one person told that once they had a conversation where he found that his brother’s college roommate’s nipples were smaller than dimes.

#3 Nipples Bother Many Men Who Jog Or Run

Mn say that they get irritated with their nipples mostly at the times of jogging. It is the worst type of chaffing known to man. The reason was not specified by them but i guess it may be because it pains them or they are tighten or any such thing.

#4 Men Are Bothered About What Their Boobs Look Like, Too


Hey! Did you think you were the only ones looking in the mirror for minutes on end at your boobies? Guys are always worried about what their chests look like, too! A men’s boobies can be a problem if they do over eating or they do not work out towards their bodies perfection.

#5 Men Nipples Can Lactate, Too!

Men Nipples Can Lactate

Yes! you heard it right, some men can produce milk, too! Woop i wonder how men take care in such a situation.

#6 Wearing Nipple Tassels Doesn’t Look Cool On Dudes

Wearing Nipple Tassels

Just imagine a man wearing nipple tassels, period. It doesn’t look so cool also not even in professional wrestling as well!

#7 It Is A Fact That Men Have Nipples Because When Mother Conceives A Baby He Don’t Have Have A Gender!

#9 Men Use Whip Cream Bikinis On Their Nipples

Men try something new behind the doors. They say, a little bit of whip cream on the nipples is okay and they apply it when they are behind the doors.

#10 Some Women Really Dig Men’s Nipples!

We have found that even women like men’s nipples. I found this one mildly shocking. For this we did an online survey and we sound women like men nipples a lot.

#12 Have You Ever Heard About A Third Nipple?

Men Also Have Inverted Nipples

We came across an article on the Internet that said that 12.5% of people have a third nipple. I guess….i totally have no idea weather it’s true or not but its insane.

#13 Men Also Have Inverted Nipples!

In a survey we found that some men has inverted nipples. And guess what! the fact is that a few people like it as well. not dangerous and apparently some people even find it attractive!

#14 In Men Nipples Become Puffy

Men Nipples Become Puffy

At the time of puberty, males sometimes have enough estrogen flowing through them. This makes their nipples puffy. It is just to due chemical imbalance in the body. This also makes the nipples sensitive.

#15 Men’s Nipples Are Subject To Itching, Pain, Etc.

Men may get a persistent itch, pain, or just become uncomfortable with their nipples.

So, if you are a men reading this article and you go through any of these things than don’t shy going to a doctor. Remember nipples are dear to you and you should take extra care of them.

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