Deal With Your Period Pain Like A Total Boss   (3 Images)



Bloating is quite possibly the second worst part about periods after the pain. Your stomach is going to swell up like a balloon and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. The little black dress is not going to fit anymore and your favourite skinny jeans would look better in the closet than on you.


Your breasts are going to be a serious problem. They will feel heavy and like two big sack of rice. It can seriously get pretty overwhelming at times.


Apart from the constant pain, cramps are the real spoil sport. Even though medicines can help at times but in the long term you are always going to feel like an elephant is jumping up and down on your uterus. Okay, now considering the pain, the cramps and the temporary but unpleasant changes, your brain is going to go haywire. It will be like a thunderstorm inside. Hell hath no fury like a woman is an apt line when you are menstruating.

You are going to wait for the days to end like a deserter who is waiting for an oasis. It may feel never ending. Life will literally feel like hanging on a thread.

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