Deal With Your Period Pain Like A Total Boss  

It comes once a month and it practically destroy you for those 4 to 5 days. Yes it is the time of the month where you are going to bleed and there is virtually nothing that you can do about it. When it happens, it is surely a pain and if it does not happen, it is a pain nonetheless. The cramps, blood, the wetness, mood swings, the hot flushes, bloating and the constant desire to literally kill anyone who comes to argue with you is a pretty normal situation indeed. Now there is nothing that you can do about it because it is going to ruin your days anyways. Period pain is the one thing that you are possibly going to complain about throughout your entire life and it is a never ending process. You might as well get through the days thinking about ice cream, chocolates and those long beaches of Hawaii.

Your dreaded days are coming


When time comes for those terror days, emotions run high and you are going to experience several feelings all at the same. So you better embrace yourself because it is one love of your life that is not going to leave you anytime soon.


Your uterus is going to feel like a sack of potatoes and pain like a cactus tree. The pricks will make you twitch and turn. The cramps are bad and so is your mood. So maybe you could keep your distance from others because an angry ‘you’ on your period is never a good sign.

The pain is unbearable of course. Nothing will seem to go right and there is no way you can avoid a day without having to surrender to the comfortable sofa and drowning in its warm comfort.

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