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Google chrome is the perfect browser for the people who love spending their time on internet surfing. Well, I can’t exactly tell the reason why i love this browser but the main reason why i like using this browser is that it loads fast.

Other then that their are many extensions which are really available for this browser which are extremely helpful while doing surfing on internet. So, as per my usage experience about the Google chrome extensions i have decided to write this article for you in which you will find the cool google chrome extensions.

So, lets explore below what i have to share with you more.

9 Cool Google Chrome Extensions Which Is Must Have

1. Hover Zoom – Some websites make difficult to check and enlarging of images extremely difficult. Moreover, you can not always check the details of the images by just watching its thumbnails. But this extension will help you in watching the full size of image by just putting the cursor over the thumbnails. This app works on almost every big websites in which Facebook is also included. So, this is surely good extensions which you can install in your browser.

2. Instagram for Chrome – This extension is really awesome app for instagram users who want to make their instagram account usable and accessible from browser only. This extension supports and allows users to use their instagram accounts from browser with all the features and functions.

When you add this extension to your browser you will once just have to put your account mandatory info to access your account. After then, you will need to just always click on the toolbar icon to browse your account.

Indirectly it means that you will be relaxed in terms of typing instagram URL again and again on URL box to access your account.

3. Text Mode – This is very good extension especially for those who are fed up of viewing flashy stuff on website page which has lots of animation, pre-loading videos.

This app will enable the text mode which will help you in just viewing the website in text mode only. This will also help in loading the website very fast.

4. Google Dictionary – As the name suggests itself that this extension will help you in looking your spelling mistakes and definitions. Google dictionary will also highlight words and will look up them in the dictionary which will save your time.

5. Google Books – This is very good extension tool for online researchers who are fond off reading e-books. This will help you accessing any book from anywhere and also you can make your own notes and highlight important texts.

6. Cloudy – This amazing extension which from gmail users. It helps in adding all the files from gmail via any of the cloud services like Instagram, Evernote, Dropbox, etc.

This will make sending attachments easy to any of your friends, colleagues or clients.

7. Adblock Plus – Now a days advertiser have made internet surfing very difficult for the internet users. They find all the possible ways to advertise their products & services in front of you in your browser.

But this Adblock Plus tool is amazing tool to block all the pop us, links or banners from your browser’s page. Hence making you feel good and relaxed from those annoying ads which consistently irritated you.

8. Shareaholic –  Many of us like sharing articles or latest new stuff with our friends which we find interesting and knowledgeable. Shareholic is perfectly designed app to people who believe sharing is caring. After installing this extension in your browser all your favorite websites icon buttons will be added. It means you can easily share anything anywhere.

9. Google Input Tools – This extension helps in choosing your own language from 70 languages options available. You can choose and type in your language.

These were the tools which was must have extensions for the google chrome browser. They are extremely time saving and helps in doing particular tasks easily.

Now, i have some special extensions for special category of internet users. I have collected 3 very useful extensions for writers, bloggers and marketers. So, read below if you fall in any of these categories.

3 Best Extensions For Writers

1. – If you are writer and love to impress your reader with very unique words an writing. But generally fail to find so then you need to install this add-on in your browser as soon as possible because this extension will hep you finding the mind boggling words which will keep you readers busy and interested.


  • Readers will find sometimes new words which normally they don’t use while speaking or reading.
  • Its raises the quality of writers.


  • Some readers may find difficulties in reading the article due to extremely difficult  words used in the article.


  • Sometimes hangs the browser or PC.


  • Too many options can sometimes confuse writers
  • People can use this tool for copying content also.
  • Indirectly increases the competition among the writers

3 Best Extensions For Marketers

1. – This plugin is seriously very useful for the marketers. This helps in shortening the URL and posting it to the all major social media websites platform where you can market yourself. It also help in saving and sharing link from your browser easily. You will also get access to see the real time stats to judge the user engagements which will help you in making perfect strategies to do marketing.


  • URL are SEO-Friendly.
  • You can easily integrate with other services.
  • Real time stats helps in making marketing strategies easy.


  • Abused by spammers

2. Buffer – This extension helps the marketers to schedule their whole day of posting. Users  also get the scheduled posts statistics which helps in analyzing that which posts performance was best.


  • Marketers can manage their whole day with scheduled posts
  • Whole day statistics helps in analyzing posts performances.


  • Only good for marketers and business purposes.

3. Ghostery – This extension is used to track the people who are spying on you by tracking, bugs, pixels and beacons placed by companies. You can track people who are tracking you easily from Google and Facebook. You can choose to opt- out from businesses privacy policy by getting their links from this app.


  • You can identify who is tracking you.


  • May loose the best offers from advertisers or marketers

3 Best Extensions For Bloggers

1. Grammarly – This tool is widely used by bloggers to raise the standard of their blogs by delivering perfect error free content to their readers. This toolbar helps in catching the grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and helps in fixing them.


  • Makes content user friendly and SEO friendly.
  • Raises the quality of Blog


  • Sometimes hangs or slows the browser
  • Premium features are paid

2. Alexa Toolbar – This toolbar is very popular among the bloggers community. Reason is very simple because it gives analytics and statistics of whole website with in few seconds. This toolbar helps in knowing the blogger about any blog’s worth, ranking, traffic, backlinks, popularity etc.


  • Helps in analysing our own blogs.
  • Analysing competitors gets easy with this toolbar


  • Website data is always not accurate
  • Premium features are only available in paid versions.

3. Google Docs to WordPress – This is another super awesome plugin which makes process easy in just one click. This plugin allows bloggers to convert their Docs files in to WordPress posts in just one click. You just have to open the docs files via WordPress and click on add new post. That’s it. Your post is now on WordPress.

You can also publish posts automatically, alter the size of images and create links to show that particular image on full screen display. This app will also help bloggers to post many images at one single point of time.


  • Easy to use
  • Posts automatically


  • Sometimes it hangs the browser.


So, these were my collection of cool google chrome extensions for online researchers, writers, marketers and bloggers. These add on are easily available for downloading and installing in your chrome browser. But i have personally felt using these extensions that sometimes they tend to hang the browser or PC as it increases the CPU usage.

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I would suggest you to only install the browser add-ons extensions which you need or required for any task or purpose. Installing all types of extensions may slow down the browser and its performances which will result in frequent crashes or hanging.

Thanks for reading article. For more cools stuffs stay tuned with us an before leaving the page don’t forget to comment, share, like and subscribe our blog.


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