Chanakya Niti, Hindi Quotes, Death, How Died Mystery, Biography, Story (1 Images)


Chanakya Niti, Hindi Quotes, Death, How Died Mystery, Biography, Story

What is Chanakya Niti? Do you have any idea about death of Chanakya? What was the Death Mystery of Chanakya? If no! than you have landed on perfect landmark. You will find out interesting facts about Chanakya niti, Chanakya quotes in hindi, death of Chanakya, biography Story, and also death mystery of Chanakya. You will also get here Chanakya hindi quotes which are very famous. Chanakya quotes are also applicable in today’s era period also. People love to read Chanakya hindi quotes and try to use it in there life principles.

Chanakya Biography

Who was Chanakya? What were Chanakya niti? Who was culprit being Death of Chanakya? Was Death of Chanakya mystery ? Did it was resolved by historians? Lets rewind the history once again..

Chanakya lived to a ripe old age. He died around 283 BC and was cremated by his disciple Radhagupta who succeeded Rakshasa Katyayan (great-grand son of Prabuddha Katyayan, who attained Nirvana during the same period as Gautam Budhha) as Prime Minister of the Maurya Empire. He was the one who played a crucial role in backing Ashoka to the throne.

Chanakya Niti ( Famous Only)

You can read below some famous Chanakya niti which is still followed by people.

Chanakya Niti, Hindi Quotes, Death, How Died Mystery, Biography, Story

Chanakya Quotes ( Famous Only)

Chanakya quotes is given below. You can read Chanakya hindi quotes and apply in your life which will help you in taking some vital decisions of your life.

Chanakya Niti, Hindi Quotes, Death, How Died Mystery, Biography, Story

Chanakya Niti, Hindi Quotes, Death, How Died Mystery, Biography, Story

Chanakya Niti, Hindi Quotes, Death, How Died Mystery, Biography, Story

Chanakya Practised “Ajivika” Religion

This was one of Chanakya Niti which shows how cleanly he changed mindset of Chandragupta Maurya’s son Bindusara to practise Ajivika religion inspite of Jainism. Lets find out how….

In that period, there were three non-traditional belief paths in society, Jaina, Buddhist and Ajivaka. Ajivaka practising Chanakya brought about the downfall of the Nandas and their coterie of ministers. Later on, Chandragupta Maurya took Jainism on abdicating his throne which passed to his Son Bindusara who was an “Ajivaka”. Even Ashoka was practising “Ajivaka” who before accession to throne became Buddhist. Ashoka’s daughter was married in 265 BC and his son Kunala was 18 years of age in 269 BC which means that even the princes married early.

Later on, Ajivikism which was the official religion of the empire since the Kalinga War (261 BC) and for 14 years afterwards, declined and merged into traditional Hinduism. Those who were the mixture of conflicting Buddhist and Jaina legends were rejected by Sinhalese chronicles.

Chanakya Role In Mauryan Dynasty

According to a legend, while Chanakya served as the chief administrator of Chandragupta Maurya, he started adding small amounts of poison in Chandragupta’s food so that he would get used to it. The aim of this was to prevent the Emperor from being poisoned by enemies. One day the queen, Durdha, shared the food with the Emperor while she was pregnant. Since she was not used to eating poisoned food, she died. Chanakya decided that the baby should not die; hence he cut open the belly of the queen and took out the baby. A drop (bindu in Sanskrit) of poison had passed to the baby’s head, and hence Chanakya named him “Bindusara”. Bindusara later become a great king and to father the greatest Mauryan Emperor since Chandragupta ad before Asoka.

Death Of Chanakya Mystery

Now when Bindusara became the emperor this was a time when many insider rivals started playing their chess strokes in a way or so to kill Chanakya. But history books claims different incidences about death of Chanakya . There are several incidences narrated by people about his death, Lets raise the curtain from the death mystery of Chanakya. Lets Continue, 

When Bindusara became a youth, Chandragupta gave up the throne and followed the Jain saint Bhadrabahu to present day Karnataka and settled in a place known as Shravana Belagola. He lived as an ascetic for some years and died of voluntary starvation according to Jain tradition.

Chanakya meanwhile stayed as the administrator of Bindusara. Bindusara also had a minister named Subandhu who did not like Chanakya. One day he told Bindusara that Chanakya was responsible for the murder of his mother. Bindusara asked the nurses who confirmed this story and he became very angry with Chanakya.

It is said that Chanakya, on hearing that the Emperor was angry with him, thought that anyway he was at the end of his life. He donated all his wealth to the poor, widows and orphans and sat on a dung heap, prepared to die by total abstinence from food and drink. Bindusara meanwhile heard the full story of his birth from the nurses and rushed to beg forgiveness of Chanakya. But Chanakya would not change his mind. Bindusara went back and vented his fury on Subandhu, and killed him.

Chanakya after this incident, renounced food and shortly died thereafter. Bindusara revered Chanakya and the loss of his advisor was a considerable blow to him.

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