Every Guy Must Read : What Causes Fishy Penis Odor “Revealed” !! (1 Images)


Every Guy Must Read : What Causes Fishy Penis Odor “Revealed” !!

Are you worried about your penis fishy odor? Ar you finding root causes that leads to penis odor? Okay if so that just calm down, as today we will be discussing about the causes of fishy penis odor.

You know guys, not just you but there are many other men who face this problem and they find it humiliated to visit a doctor or to consult someone. We think penis smells bad just because men don’t take care of it. But you will be surprised to know that even those who take reasonably good care of their penis often encounter an unpleasant, fishy penis smell that is a source of embarrassment in front of your girlfriend.

Well, this issue had nothing to do with poor hygiene. Also, this issue is very common these days. We have seen people getting a solution to this problem. Many men also consume a combination of penis vitamins and minerals that are helpful in maintaining the body’s natural chemical balance.

Why i Get Fishy Odor From Penis ? – Answered

Penis Fishy Odor

We know you are curious to know about the reasons of penis fishy odor, so not crating too much suspense i’ll directly come to the point. So, here are some issues that leads your penis to spread fishy odor,


You know guys, most unpleasant body smells weather its a morning breath, underarm odor, smelly feet, and so on are caused by bacteria interacting with body chemistry. So, the penis bad smell is no exception to it. Our skin is home to millions of microbes and everyone is covered with them.

Most of the bacteria are harmless but some are even beneficial. However, when these bacteria proliferate it leads to that familiar fishy odor, even in men who cleanse their genital area carefully. This bad smell can be a common symptom among those who uncut the hairs because the area under the foreskin is an ideal environment for bacteria to flourish.

Yeast infection

Yeast infection leads to an unpleasant odor accompanied by itching or burning of the penis skin, redness or rash, and/or a cheesy discharge.

Causes Of Fishy Penis Odor Revealed !!

Causes Of Fishy Penis Odor Revealed !!

Yeast spores grow very easily in warm, moist places, especially in men whose immune system is compromised like bacteria. They are either caused due to consumption of antibiotics or as a result of an autoimmune disorder such as diabetes. So, if you are going to similar symptoms than you must consult your doctor.


If you never cut your body hairs than you can often get affected by redness and swelling around the head. This is caused due to Balanitis.

This infection is generally leads to itching, burning and soreness may also be experienced, and a smelly discharge may also be present. If the area around the urethra (the opening at the tip of the penis) is affected you may feel pain while urinating.

Balanitis has similar symptoms to yeast infection and is frequently associated with poor hygiene.

Other causes of penis odor

Apart from the above mentioned causes, other causes of penis odor include urinary tract infections. The infections may spread to the outside of the penis, around the urethral opening, resulting in a detectable fishy smell.

Those who are diabetics patient are affected by a condition known as ketonuria. It is a condition in which waste products from the breakdown of fatty acids can accumulate in the urine and cause a fishy odor.

So, these are some common causes that leads to penis fishy odor. To get the solution to get rid of penis fishy odor you can visit this article, 6 Ways To Get Rid Of Penis Fishy Odor.

If you have any suggestion or who want to share your opinion you can comment on the box below so that our readers can get to know about this common infection in men. Till then keep following Helpsutra, as this sutra is meant to help you.

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