Best Perfectly Timed Photos (5 Images)


Perfectly timed photos occur when following three conditions are met:

  • Perfect place
  • Perfect time
  • Perfect angle

Sometimes the holy trinity of perfectness is achieved and you may get a classic capture that is beyond words to express. There are infinite galleries where these photographs are kept for exhibition and are sold for lakhs and millions.

Here are some of the examples of perfectly timed photos –

Two Photos In One


Two in one photo is the one which not only contains one photo at a perfect time but two photos in one frame at a perfect spotted time.

Walking On Water Win


Walking on water win is difficult to click; it requires a perfect art to capture the moment. Walking on water win is to be clicked in such a way that it seems the person can walk on water.

Poolside show


You might be amazed to know what pool side show is. It is been clicked at the poolside in a moment where it captures hot beauty and pool in the same aperture and it creates an illusion that the person next to beauty is noticing the pool.

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