6 Things Boyfriend Should Avoid During Girlfriend’s Period (1 Images)


6 Things Boyfriend Should Avoid During Girlfriend’s Period

Have you ever found your girlfriend acting irritated during the periods? Do your girlfriend avoid your touch while you loving her during periods? There are various changes you feel in a women during periods.

So, just dare to handle your girlfriend during periods when your girlfriends turns to a monster.

6 Things To Avoid During Girlfriend's Periods

6 Things Boyfriend Should Avoid During Girlfriend’s Period

So, we are sharing 7 useful tips on things you should avoid during your girlfriends “Periods” ,

1. Don’t Say That She Can’t Eat Her Favorite Food Say

It is a proven fact that if Mother’s Nature is knocking your girlfriend’s door she start feeling more hungry. So, if you ever pointed her out and stopped her do eat her favorite food than just be prepared for World War III.

Trust me, even the girls who are are figure concious will will give in to an order of their favorite food from In-N-Out because it is just that satisfying.

2. Never Ever Dare To Tease her

Hey its a fact that women are more sensitive near their periods. The funny factor of a girl can become the most sensitive issue during her periods days. The only reason behind this is that she might take something even its a fun thing to her heart.

Even if you tease her unintentional than also it can become another cause for the next World War III.

3. Do not Stop Her From Watching T.V.

For girls usually television is like Mauritius where you and your partner both agree to sit for couple of hours and watch a show together. That means you don’t have to sit to watch her favorite show and she doesn’t have to sit and accompany you to her favorite show.

Things will go good all the month, but if you ever stopped her to watch a show which is also not a favorite to her and that too during her periods than surely she’s will bang you. That can be another reason for World War III at your place.

4. Avoid Debate Things

See, a healthy debate is not a bad thing, rather it is one of the best way to express opinions, feelings and share your worldview with your significant other. But if you adapted this way during her girlfriends period than it most probably be not that good for you.

Well, there are myriad of other things you can talk to your lady love, like the weather and what she wants to eat for dinner (and dessert), etc..

5. Do Not Ask Her To Do Tasks

The point behind this is if you are waiting for her to do some particular task and she is busy somewhere else than just step forward and do it all alone. She might thank you for such a gesture. It is so because periods are be energy-consuming with all the cramps and what not.

6 Things To Avoid During Girlfriend's Periods

6 Things To Avoid During Girlfriend’s Periods

If you reduce her daily chores of work than it may probably help her lowering her stress levels.

6. Don’t Force Her To Attend Social Events

Its a fact that periods and premenstrual symptoms make is so uneasy to attend a social event. It’s hard for women to socialize when, A) “My period’s has just begun” B) “Ohh..Did I brought a tampon?” and C) “My tummy hurts so bad,”. These the main three things that runs all way on her mind.

So, my suggestion to you would be that, if you stay with your girlfriend, don’t invite all your friends in your apartment to hang out because most often she won’t feel like socializing in her own home, either. And, most importantly periods are awkward, bloody happenings in the bathroom may make her ashamed.

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So, we advice you to take care of all these points during or around periods of your girlfriend. If you have any suggestion, or you want to tell us your real time experience with us just share it with our viewers by commenting in the comment box given below.

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