9 Mesmerizing Halloween Makeup Transformations You Need To Watch (3 Images)


Harley Quinn

Another Halloween costume is Harley Quinn… That is sure to be adapted this year is Harley Quinn. Since Margot Robbie channeled the comic star in Suicide Squad… After that serial girls everywhere in parties are bringing out their pigtails and baseball bats for Halloween.


Circus Clown

This clown is tried to haunt of all over US cities recently, there are still few that are not so terrifying. This look is actually not as that much terrify… People opinion on Circus Clown is not that much haunted,.. This spin on a circus clown is actually very cute.



This style of costumes is copied by a  Angelina Jolie channeled the villain. the bad girl look of Angelina Jolie as a Maleficent, is very popular dress choice and will keep all eyes of people on you. Never out dated and among the girls its very famous look.. and most important thing is that no need to go to makeup artist… Easy to makeup with this look…


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