6 Ways To Get Rid Off Penis Fishy Odor (1 Images)


6 Ways To Get Rid Off Penis Fishy Odor

Are you tired of unpleasant fishy odor that comes from your penis? Is this fishy odor makes you place in an awkward situation in front of your partner? Do you want to get rid of this stinky smell?

DON’T WORRY! we have got up the solution to this stinky fishy odour and found its root causes and also gathered some useful information to get rid of it.

Before telling you how to get rid off this penis fishy odor, let me tell you why this fishy odor comes from your penis?

Reasons For Penis Fishy Odor

A sudden Penis fishy odor is an out of these situations in your life,

6 Ways To Get Rid Off Penis Fishy Odor

6 Ways To Get Rid Off Penis Fishy Odor

  • If you have a foul smelling discharge from your penis than you will find an odd smell coming from your penis. It is due to an overgrowth of yeast or bacteria which is occured with bacterial vaginosis and vaginal yeast infections.
  • This smell also comes if you started taking a new medication or supplement, or have eaten an extremely spicy meal.
  • If you have recently had unprotected sex with a new partner, than it is also a reason of a foul smell.

So, these were some of the causes of penis fishy odor. Now, lets find out how to get rid of penis fishy odor.

6 Ways To Get Rid Off Penis Fishy Odor

Yes! finally you will find a way out to your problem,

6 Ways To Get Rid Off Penis Fishy Odor

6 Ways To Get Rid Off Penis Fishy Odor

You can visit a doctor if you are finding this fishy odor all time from your penis so that you can eliminate this foul smell.

  1. If you eat a lot of plain yogurt (organic, unflavored yogurt), especially the non-sugary type. As yogurt is rich in lactobacillus so it helps in restoring the normal vaginal pH level, which further adds to prevent the condition from recurring.
  2. Garlic is a natural and one of the most powerful antibiotics. If you can place garlic around your penis and retain it for a couple of hours it can further alleviate the bad vaginal odor to a large extent.
  3. While taking bath, just pour half cup of vinegar and half cup of salt into a bathtub and soak several times a week. This can help you get rid of foul smell from vagina by balancing the vaginal pH.
  4. You can wash your penis with warm water and mild soap which cleans your penis and prevent fishy odor for some hours.
  5. You should wear cotton panties and loose fitting clothes, allowing your penis to breathe. It will also reduce foul smell from penis.
  6. Change your undergarments daily.
  7. You can take a pro-biotic supplement to ensure that you maintain a healthy level of ‘good’ bacteria in your body.

I think if you follow these basic instructions you can make a the fishy odor vanish from your penis. If you think you have any other way out to kill this foul smell from penis than kindly share it with our viewers. You can share your views and experiences by commenting on the box below. To know about the reason of penis fishy odor check this article, Every Guy Must Read : What Causes Fishy Penis Odor “Revealed”!!

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