15 Tricks To Give Women Long And Multiple Orgasms (1 Images)


Women can orgasm multiple times during a sexual act, whereas the same can’t be said for men. Considering the woman’s hormones and body, the women can climax more than once and it is not that difficult for a man to help their women climax a number of times.

Female Orgasm is secretive that has always stayed a mystery for many people out there; here are our quick 10 tricks to achieve a good and multiple orgasms.

Put on musky colognechanel-bleu

Agree or not but a sexy fragrance is all the separates a man, a good cologne sends off the best attraction. Women are generally more attracted towards a man who smells good. A good aroma on your body would surely turn her on.

More Foreplay

Not everything is between the legs sometimes it’s about being there at right places at right time. Involve more in foreplay which turn her wet. Try to please your partner in the best way possible and that would get her to be really turned on. Being highly turned on is a positive step in achieving more orgasms.

Spice upsex_0

Try different types of sex sometimes a quickie in the car, romantic night on the roof or tie each other. Indeed, sex at the different place has different experiences. Sex on the beach may sound cute while sex in the shower would sound hot. Try them all and make her happy.

Be Kinky


The more you spice up the better, let your fetish out engage in more kinky sex to add the magic to your sex-life. It’s always amazing to ave fun and try romancing in different ways. Love is not just about making out. It’s about romance. And different each time.

Sex positions


Sex positions are always helpful; try something more than the Missionary position or reading different books on sex position. Try to experiment with new positions every time. You could google for that. A new position every time won’t let you be bored.

Lick it properly


Forget about being awkward. Be comfortable with your partner. Awkardness will spoil everything.Be there for her when you lick her down, remember to play with the Labia and Clit add little bit of soft bites and lick away till she moans.



Everyone has their set of sexual fantasies, it is the time to fulfill it no matter how kinky it is but that surely adds the naughtiness. Make sure you fulfill all the fantasies of your partner. Doing that will bond your relationship well.

Use Lube


Use of Lube results in long lasting sex use oil based or water based lubes for longer and better sex. Make sure you prepare yourself for the night. Pre-preparation will always make your time fun.



This has been the mystery always but penetrates her with your fingers deep & in every position and watches her scream.

Right Zones


Really get to know your partner’s ‘area’ while touching and caressing so that you know what she likes. If you’re still clueless, just ask her. The neck, the navel and nipples are some of the best spots to kiss and bite, these zones are very sensitive.

Intimate Event


To have a successful sexual relationship, one must connect emotionally and physically with their partner. Emotionally strong bonding would ultimately lead to great sexual pleasure. Without emotional touch, there would be no fun during the sexual event and all would seem forceful.

No Stress


Stress not only spoils your physical health but also ruins your sex life. Never pressurize yourself during the act. It won’t really happen then, relax and be calm. Also, make your partner to relax.



She obviously knows her body more than you do. Ask her to guide you through her sensitive parts and work on what she likes rather than going for what you like.

Stay Intimate


If you want her to achieve more than one orgasm, don’t break contact with your partner. Keep kissing and cuddling so that the intimacy remains intact. Cuddling and kissing are best therapy to remain intimate for a longer time.

Take A Break Of 30 Seconds


After you made your partner climax, wait for at least 30 seconds before you start with the second round Rest for a while.  Resting for few seconds would lead both of you to relax your muscles and when you start again you can feel the right amount of pleasure again.

Let her relax

Let her relax

An orgasm makes all your abdominal and pubic muscles contract at once. Let your partner relax for a few seconds before you attempt another go otherwise making the muscles contract again will probably cause muscular strains or spasms.

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