12 Home Cleaning Tips And Tricks (5 Images)


Every human being wants his house to be clean, and for that they use various tricks and ways to clean the appliances and the house, people who are working and don’t get much time to clean their houses for them this tricks and tips can be very useful, as you come from the office after hard day the last task you want to complete is cleaning of your house, it makes you feel relax and satisfied.

Cleaning of mirrors

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Instead of using small clothes, you can use mirrors’ by applying vinegar and an old newspaper, then see the magic the mirrors will shine brightly and all the dirt will get vanished. 

Fridge cleaning               download (3)  

A fridge which is giant and looks larger can be cleaned easily, just first step is to take out all the food and stuffs which are there in the fridge and apply baking soda with water is the combination and no smell or stain can be found in the fridge



It’s very simple to clean a microwave. Take some water and put is for few minutes to get high , then wipe it away , as to remain healthy cleaning is very important as it will kill all the germs.

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